About Dr Copper

Why Dr. Copper choosed as brand name

As doctor helps us to stay healthy and prevents diseases, Copper itself has so many health benefits which are clinically proved. Even our product as a doctor, will help improving the health of our consumers. So we named our product as DR Copper

Why Choose Dr Copper

It is less expensive when compared to other water bottles, It is healthy and hygienic, It is useful for health, It is having Resale value, It is having value for your money, It is harmless unlike other water bottles, It is Leak proof It prevents so many diseases, It increases the resistance power in human body


Our product is environment friendly and has many medical benefits and is scientifically proved. Our product has many natural benefits and doesn’t contain any chemicals that would harm the health of consumers. So our bottle is the alternative for the regularly used plastic water bottles which tend to cause Cancer. Even our product is renewable and is an initiative of the campaign.

Our Featured Products

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Dr Copper Glasses

Dr Copper Care Key

benefits of copper bottle

If one of your fitness resolutions is to drink more water, it’s time you consider buying a reusable water bottle.
Dr. Cooper bottles come with a wide variety of health benefits. Copper is indeed an essential nutrient for our bodily systems, including the immune and digestive systems.

How does it work?
Copper drinking vessels have historical roots in India. The water was stored in brass or copper vessel overnight and drunk the next morning. This practice stems from Ayurveda (an ancient system of medicine) which promotes natural remedies.

Copper is soluble in water, and copper ions will seeps out from the copper bottle into your water, thus making every sip beneficial.
Benefits of using Copper Water Bottle
Copper have potent antibacterial properties which means storing water in it will help in preventing bacterial contamination (especially when you want to store it for long periods of time).

Drinking from copper water bottle could improve your immune system, aid digestion, iron absorption, maintain thyroid balance and other benefits.