Benefits of drinking water from a copper bottle

Benefits of drinking water from a copper bottle

benefits of copper bottle

Did you notice the comeback of copper utensils? The use of copper mugs, copper bottle with glass, copper jugs which is trending today is not new but age old. We must have seen our grandparents or even heard from them about this ancestral practice which was lost with the advent of modern days.

Copper is essential to human health. Our body requires trace amounts of copper to function efficiently. Consuming water/food from copper vessel is absolutely healthy and has lots of health benefits. Let us learn the benefit of drinking water stored in copper vessels.

Natural purifier

Copper creates a natural purification process that kills microorganisms present in the water. It also aids in neutralizing any toxins present in the water thereby preventing water-borne diseases.

Slows down aging

A lot of beauty products today are copper based. This is because copper is an antioxidant. It’s cell regeneration property assists in replenishing top layers of the skin thereby controlling ageing.

Copper’s strong antioxidant properties helps fight off free radicals thereby eliminating the risk of cancer.

Better digestion and weight loss

Copper is an excellent remedy for many stomach ailments such as ulcers, infections and indigestion. It detoxifies and cleanses the stomach by aiding in dissolving excessive fat. If you are on a weight loss regime, do incorporate copper water in your routine.

Stronger immunity

Copper exhibits anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

It is also known to strengthen immune system and aid in the production of new cells. Copper is widely used in medicines that are used to treat inflammation, wounds, and cure deficiencies.

Cures arthritis and inflamed joints

Copper’s anti-inflammatory properties is a great asset to treat arthritis. It is a perfect remedy to relieve aches and pains caused due to inflammation in joints.

Brain efficiency

You must be familiar that the neurons in the brain communicate via electrical impulses. You will be awed to know that copper helps the cells in carrying out these impulses, making the brain work efficiently. This is one of the most prominent benefits that will not let us miss integrating this miraculous element in our daily life.

Protection from health risks

If you are a parent who is conscious about their child’s health, learn that copper water bottle for kids are extremely beneficial. Make a healthy swap by switching plastic water bottle with a pure copper water bottle. A daily dose of copper water can boost your child’s immunity and has numerous other benefits too.

Greenest natural metal

Copper is friendly not just to your body but to the environment too. Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) has officially registered copper as the only solid material that successfully kills bacteria. It is the easiest to recycle, plus, it reduces the usage of plastic bottles.

When you can achieve all these benefits, why not experience Dr.Copper’s best copper water bottle to improve the quality of your health!

Safety caution:

Drinking water stored in a seamless copper bottle overnight, is sufficient to reap its numerous benefits. Do not overdo it.


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