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We have our own melting unit & use Single Extrusion Process (SEP) for manufacturing seamless copper water bottles with single slugs. Whereas other many other manufacturers out-source slugs and doesn’t use (SEP), they weld joints of two different parts with lead which are more harmful for health.

Because of own melting unit to extract pure copper we make slugs of desired quantity. Also, we have a dedicated R&D with a Testing Lab to monitor samples from every batch of our products before dispatching. For bulk corporate orders we will also submit our Quality Certificates too.

This is because of the Extra - Safety packaging that we do with a cardboard on the neck area with our branding and not because of bad product quality. Due the transit of bottle before reaching the customers because of extreme weather conditions, rarely this happens as the foil melts and sticks to the bottle & appears as silver color which is actually because of the cardboard print color.

Copper is a metal softer by its nature. When you carry water and drop it by any chance on floor, the chances of damage is high due to the weight of the water. Copper Bottle with small dents and scratches doesn’t affect benefits you get from using this bottle.

Why there are dots, and small granule kind of texture on my Dr. Copper bottle!?

It is easy! Once every week, squeeze a lemon in hot water and store this in Dr. Copper water bottle for 15-20 minutes later rinse & empty the bottle. Upon one preference you may also use brush to clean it inside. But it is not compulsory.

As these bottles are coated with thin lacquer to stop oxidization and to enhance its outside looks, Using Pitambari or Tamarind will remove its outside coating. We recommend only cleaning it with a soft cloth that’s used to clean glasses for good maintenance of its look for longer time.

Once you start using pitambari or tamarind, you might need to continue this forever to keep bottle look shiny every day.

Lacquer is a temporary arrangement for any metal and we use only a thin layer of it for better look. Due to Oxidation effect of pure copper, it is normal phenomenon and once you clean it with proper care it would look normal.

As Dr. Copper bottle are closed with leak proof caps till it reaches you, because of oxidation inside left over air or moisture of bottles is very common & once you wash it with hot water and salt the pungent smell goes away.

Upon your preference, one may consider cleaning it for 2-3 times with hot water and lemon before regular usage after your purchase.

Pure Copper is a metal which needs extreme temperature to expand or to contact. When stored inside the deep freezer the water density rises, wherein the density of copper molecules remains constant – due to volumetric differentiation (non-stretchable property) there are high chances of bottle getting damaged.

Tracking option is currently unavailable with us. Orders are generally expected to reach between 2-5 days. You may also reach to our customer care number available on the home page of our website during the mentioned timings & days. Also, as we improving our customer service journey, we are coming up with option very soon.

Because of free shipping, we are already bearing the cost of shipping to pin codes across the country, giving customers the free service to the desired location. The costs of couriers are really high for us to bear during return and products may be damaged if not packed properly during return.

Yet, we are looking for partners who can handle this effectively for us, this may take some more time.

We are working to improvise on customer experience and COD facility and we are looking for partners who can handle this effectively for us, this may take some more time.


All our products are made of 99.90% Pure Copper.


Products are finely packed to avoid damages during transit.


Free shipping across India for orders worth INR. 400 or above.


We Accept all major CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS

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