Dr. Copper is a key to staying safe and maintaining social distance. Avoid coming in contact with the buttons in the public places.


  • Open & Close All Doors, Car Doors, Drawers, Shelves Without Touching
  • Carry Grocery, Vegetable, Shopping, Laptop, Office, Lunch Bags Without Touching
  • To Operate Taps, Pull & Push Levers, Flush at Public Places
  • Replacement For Hand Sanitizers, Protects Hands From Touching Infected Surfaces
  • In Build Bottle Opener And Key is Completely Made Of 99.9% Pure Copper.

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Dr. Copper care key a first of its kind touch-less multi-purpose device made of Pure Copper. This is a smart & handy device to help you with 20+ day-to-day activities. It is Secure to hold this device which has microbial & antivirus properties. This adds style in handling things every day and also is patented for its multi-utility design. This care key minimizes the risk of contacting infected surfaces and protects you from viruses. Copper self-disinfecting property in killing viruses will help in eliminating viruses on its surface in nearly 4-5 hours. Benefits at Corporate Office Spaces: This care key is a shield to your employees:- Not everything can be avoided comfortably with masks and gloves; the Care key helps you to disengage the transmission of germs & Viruses on surfaces directly to your hands. Dr. Copper Care is a healthy alternative to existing safety precautions at your corporate facility to fight virus spread. Think of a healthy Freebie this time:- Care key is the best substitute for any corporate gift at a little cost that you plan for the team this year, let your team know how you care for them. Bring down your operational cost:- Care key helps you to lowers your operational cost of tissues, soaps, sanitizers for your employees to avoid contaminated surfaces.

Legal Disclaimer:

•Length: 106mm (+ or – 1mm)
•Width: 35 mm
•Thickness: 3.0mm (+ or – 0.10mm)
•Weight: 35grms ( + or – 0.5grms)
•Payload: Up to 20 KG.


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