Dr. Copper Water Bottle – 500 ml Single Bottle, 100% Pure Copper(Cu). Perfect choice for children, elderly and fitness lovers.


Material Copper
Capacity 500 Milliliters
Brand Dr. Copper

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  • Co-factor for bone and the immune system: Bones gain their rigidity and mechanical strength from copper. So for the bones to function properly copper is a must in our diet. Since it’s not available in our body we need to take it manually.
  • A plethora of brain’s and body’s functionality: Copper is perhaps one of the most important ingredients for our brain’s effective neurotransmitter response towards stimuli. The Dr Copper water bottle helps in balancing your sugar levels, your cardiovascular health and blood circulation proper. In short, it is one of the most desirable products our body requires as per recent researches too.
  • Drink for a blissful future: You won’t know the refreshment this uniquely crafted Dr. Copper water bottle gives till you yourself experience it. Keeping the water cooler is its speciality and thereby keeps you chilled every day. It’s completely your choice of keeping yourself healthy or surviving on those toxic liquors and sodas. Drinking water from copper water bottles keeps you healthy and chilled along with no illness or health issue. This copper bottle helps to kill your ageing, maintains you
  • Stylish Looks: Beautifully engraved, trendy in look and styles your fashion as well. Sleekly in design with no joints. With a smooth and airtight cap, Dr. Copper water bottle is leak proof. The exteriors are beautifully engraved giving a trendy touch. It also has an attractive packing technique. It’s known for its durability too.
  • Capacity: Available in capacity of 500 ml. Water stored in this bottle is filled with anti-oxidants. The copper bottle has the capacity to keep the water hot for a minimum of 12 hours and cold for a minimum of 8 hours. It has advanced double-walled insulation. The capacity of this bottle is sufficient enough and allows you to track how much water you consume and ensures you remain completely hydrated. A perfect match for whether it be your yoga sessions, school, office, travelling around your gym.


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