Uses Of Drinking Water From Copper Bottle

Top Health Benefits We Get From Drinking Water From Dr.Copper Bottle

Historically, Copper was the first element known to man. The chalcolithic era or copper age saw man progress from using stones as weapons to replacing them with copper. Ancient societies like Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, Somalia, Incas, Aztecs and Indians used copper in various forms, from currency for trade to household products. 

Benefits of Drinking Water Stored in Dr.Copper Bottle and Dr.Copper Glasses:


copper water bottle

  1. Helps in preventing Cancer
  2. Regulating Women’s Menstrual Periods
  3. Inhibiting Growth of Harmful Bacteria Like E.Coil
  4. Regulating Obesity
  5. Regulating Thyroid Glands
  6. Maintaining Digestive System
  7. Helps in Reducing bad Cholesterol
  8. Stimulating Brain
  9. Helps in Hemoglobin Synthesis 
  10. Bone Strength and Immunity Building

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